Forgetting Tomorrow

Forgetting Tomorrow

Letting her die means saving humanity.
But could he let her die?

Series: Nightmares Through Time Book 1

Peter lives a boring routine life as an IT Tech at a small software company. He spends most of his weekends alone and his workdays swooning over Anna, a graphic designer and his only reason for getting up and going to work each day.

But he figures out the secret to time travel.

In just a few short months he’s built a new exciting life for himself in 1870s Montana playing cards with outlaws and riding his horse. In a surprising move back home Anna approaches him for a date. And when they’re chased into the past by a mysterious man, a chance meeting erupts in a dystopian future filled with death and destruction ruled by a leader Peter unwittingly created.

Can Peter change the past to save the future?

If you like Back to the Future mixed with Lost, you’ll love this time-travel, dystopian adventure because each chapter is action-packed and you won’t see the twists coming.

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