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When will it be released?

I am currently planning to release Manufacturing Murder in the Spring of 2023. It should be somewhere between 24 and 32 chapters.


What else will you receive?

Once it’s ready to be published, I will send you the first eight to ten chapters, depending on the final length, a few at a time, over a period of a two to four weeks before the release date, giving you a sneak peek before anyone else gets to read it.


Was that a previous sentence a massive run-on sentence?

Yes. But don’t worry. If any exist in the book, my editor will strike them out before it’s published. She’s good.


This is more exciting than a hitting $20 on a scratch-off lottery ticket. How do I subscribe?

You can scroll right down to the bottom of the screen to subscribe. But I would prefer you read the rest of the questions first.


What next?

That’s completely up to you. If you want to purchase it and read it to the end, you can do that. If you want to unsubscribe and forget that you ever saw even one word that came out of my stupid brain, you can also do that (although it seems a bit hurtful to phrase it like that.)


Why am I doing this?

Simple. This is my first murder mystery, and I’m happy to let you read the beginning, so you can decide if you want to purchase it.


Should you stay on the mailing list?

That’s also up to you. There will be an unsubscribe link in every email I send. If you choose to leave, that’s okay by me. But if you stay, you’ll receive updates on when I plan to release book two in the Sam Norris Mysteries series. Along with that, I will give you updates on my writing process, other things I do and updates about my dog. Because he’s adorable and far more interesting than I am.


Is the main character based on me?

No, I promise it’s not. Early on, my main character drinks a Pepsi, but I’m a Coke person. If that doesn’t convince you, I’m not sure what will!


Anything else I should know?

Yes. Please understand, I will not be giving the entire book away. Only the first 33% or so, depending on the final length. If you want to read the whole thing, you’ll have to purchase it at full price once it’s released. I’m looking at $4.99 as the purchase price, and I’ll also be putting it into Kindle Unlimited for KU subscribers to download and read.