207 - I'm Still Alive So That's Good. | Jerry Evanoff

207 – I’m Still Alive So That’s Good.

Welcome to 2023! Join Jerry and Rich as they talk about writing (and sometimes their lack of), lots of Vella talk, their publishing hopes, how they plan to market and anything else that pops into their head.

If you’re an existing author or are writing your first book, come and listen to us because we were in the same boat as you. We’ve made mistakes, so you don’t have to! Come hear our successes and our mistakes, and find out where we spend money and where we shouldn’t have spent money. We’ll tell you everything we did to be successful (or fail…as the case may be). And you’ll hear a pleasant conversation with lots of Vella talk, marketing tools and how to gain newsletter subscribers.

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In what could be our best episode ever, this week we talk about:

  • Lots of Vella Talk
  • Using Chat GPT to Edit
  • Health
  • Long Term Goals
  • Curse Words
  • Time Zones
  • Plottr
  • Free Monitors
Other Links

Professional Development – An Inside Look at How Murders are Really Investigated (replay): Link
Matthew J Holmes – 60-Minute Author Class: Link
Authors.io Marlowe: Link
Joanna Penn: The Tsunami Of Crap, Misinformation, And Responsible Use Of AI With Tim Boucher: Link
The Writer’s Dojo Podcast: Link
Jane Kalmes Youtube Channel: Link
Murder Mysteries on Youtube: Link

Video 1 in the Series on Creating a Mystery: Link

Other Other Links

Esther Trosclair did our logo
Caro Begin at gocreate.me did our websites
Check out Caro’s Youtube Channel: Link
The backing track for our opening and our closing audio is from user Anton_Vlasov on pixabay: Link
Check out Jerry, Lindsay and Rich’s Amazing Editor: CB Moore

If you’d like to listen to us chatter about plotting and writing, be sure to contact us, tell us what you like and ask us any question you want. We will happily respond.

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