The New Author Podcast - The Testosterone Thesaurus | Jerry Evanoff

The New Author Podcast – The Testosterone Thesaurus

In this week’s episode of the New Author Podcast, adorable siblings Lindsay and Jerry talk about

  • Jerry’s Novella
  • Lindsay’s Novel
  • Jerry’s Amazon Ad Experimenting
  • Lindsay’s inability to write like a man

And Lindsay challenges Jerry with his self-imposed deadline. If he fails, it will hurt.

Some of the links/people we talked about:
Brian Meeks: Mastering Amazon Ads Book
and his course at Teachable
And check out Jenna Moreci cause she is awesome

And finally, Lindsay sent Jerry a picture and a text of her terrible Friday when she had to box up her computers and send them back to her job because it was her last day. But Jerry is supportive and works to make her feel better.

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