The New Author Podcast - My First Cover...wait...that's not my name! | Jerry Evanoff

The New Author Podcast – My First Cover…wait…that’s not my name!

On this week’s episode of the New Author Podcast, Jerry lets the audience know if he’ll be eating carbs next week. Spoiler alert: He will! He talks about finishing the second draft of his novella while Lindsay talks about her first full week as a full-time author. Spoiler Alert for that: Life gets in the way!

Other things hit upon in the 80 minutes:

  • Jerry goes over about a billion numbers in regards to his amazon advertisement experimentation
  • Lindsay fangirls over Kristan Higgins
  • Jerry talks money…specifically his own
  • Lindsay talks about fish
  • They discuss how to get newsletter subscribers

Brian Meeks Book that Jerry bought:
Mastering Amazon Ads
Mastering Amazon Descriptions

Lindsay’s list of Instagram Hashtags

Jerry’s Novella Cover

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