New Author Podcast - Lindsay's favorite Lone Star song is "No News" | Jerry Evanoff

New Author Podcast – Lindsay’s favorite Lone Star song is “No News”

On this week’s episode of the New Author Podcast, the kids talk about the respective third revisions or their current WIP. Jerry talks about his amazon ads and his book blurb. Lindsay talks about her struggles writing a man’s POV.

A shorter episode this week with other topics including:

  • Fantasy Baseball
  • Lindsay’s dog tore his ACL?!?
  • Direct TV
  • Lindsay’s new walking habits

An also, apparently a sonic boom happened near Lindsay’s house near the end of the podcast. Jerry didn’t hear it but maybe you will!

Links to things we talked about:
Brian Meeks Course: Mastering Amazon Ads
Paul Teague’s podcast:

Shameless Self Promotion
Check out my book here and see my new description. I changed it to this after going through the Brian Meek’s course above. Also, feel free to buy it too! 🙂

Lindsay’s cool doggie:

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