New Author Podcast - I fear nothing...except for failure | Jerry Evanoff

New Author Podcast – I fear nothing…except for failure

In this week’s episode of the New Author Podcast, Lindsay is back and we are recapping our week. In this week’s episode you’ll hear us talk about:

  • Jerry’s novella (listen two and half minutes in where Lindsay’s laughs at Jerry)
  • Lindsay’s chapter three struggles
  • Jerry’s 20 Books Vegas 2019 Schedule
  • Lindsay’s trip to a Indie Book Fair

Important Links
Jerry won this book: Write Better Faster
He won it after joining the Great Writers Share Podcast Patreon
Jerry’s currently reading A Litter of Bones by JD Kirk
Lindsay’s looking to get her cover done by Triumph Covers
Bryan Cohen talks about blurbs at 20 Books 2017: Youtube Link

And even though they didn’t mention it on the podcast, Jerry and Lindsay both love The Office Ladies Podcast

Lindsay meets the Ghostbusters!

Lindsay leaves her son alone for 60 minutes while she’s upstairs recording a podcast. Here’s the result.

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