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New Author Podcast – My Mac Has Never Done That

It’s New Author Podcast #81!

On this episode of the podcast, the kids had to record twice. The first time, Jerry’s computer decided to do a Windows update and restart. The second time though were off and running…talking about Lindsay’s novelette, Jerry’s editing and when things were going to be published.

Other things discussed include:

  • Plotting their stories using Plottr
  • Mailing List Subs and their reasons for being on their lists
  • Las Vegas, Fantasy Football and Golf
  • Beta Readers
  • Extraverting
  • Our Facebook Ads and their stats
  • We’re making sales!

Here are some links discussed during this episode

Other Links
Esther Trosclair did our logo
Caro Begin at did our websites
Our podcast music was done at
Check out Jerry and Lindsay’s Amazing Editor: CB Moore

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