New Author Podcast - Episode 4 | Jerry Evanoff

New Author Podcast – Episode 4

In this episode I go in depth into my future plans and not all of it is book related. I’ll talk about my personal finances and how they fit into my Rapid Release plans. I also ask my listeners to insult me.

Here are the links to the resources I plan on using as I work through my release schedule:

This is a great podcast and a really good episode. This episode was released at exactly the time I needed to hear it.
Created by Kirsten Oliphant who is the host of the Create If Writing podcast mentioned above. I haven’t looked through this yet but I’m a fan of her podcast.
I haven’t actually gone through this yet but I plan on using what I learn here once I’m ready to start running ads
I bought it about a year ago but I haven’t done much with it yet. As I get closer to publishing I will pour through it.
I actually won this at 2017 20 Books Vegas but I haven’t gone through it yet. I’m waiting until I get closer to running the ads
I plan on using Book Funnel to distribute from my mailing list
This link will take you to my release page. I will continue to update it as I work out a schedule with the resources I use and my dates.

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