New Author Podcast - Episode 9 - It Was a Disaster! | Jerry Evanoff

New Author Podcast – Episode 9 – It Was a Disaster!

In this episode I talk about the disaster that was last week! I take you through my version of the story grid and how it helped me edit for the first time. And finally, you get to hear one of the reasons I was a terrible college student.

My story grid columns:

Word Count
Story Event (description of chapter)
Value Shift (I don’t use it yet…not sure if I will)
Polarity Shift (how did it change for the main character)
Turning Point
Turning Point Type (either Action or Revelation)
Point of View
Time of Day
On Stage Characters
Number of On Stage
Off Stage Characters
Number of Off Stage
Last Line
Main Character’s Emotion
Main Character’s Inner Emotion (this is only used for one character who’s inner emotion talks to him…think Zach Braff and Scrubs)
Questions Asked/Foreshadowing
Paying Off Foreshadowing/Setups
Recurring Themes/Objects/Other Notes Needed for Continuity
Save the Cat
Hero’s Journey
Things to Address
% of Book
% into Book
Running Word Count Total

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