The New Author Podcast - Who moved the f%$@ng furniture??? | Jerry Evanoff

The New Author Podcast – Who moved the f%$@ng furniture???

In this week’s episode of the New Author Podcast, we have two weeks of being a writer to recap!

Jerry talks about the status of his novella and a new marketing/sales/pricing plan that will start in a few weeks. He talks about his weeks in Scotland and his first “back to normal” workweek since the third week of June. He tells super long and definitely exciting golf stories and talks about being called out in his writer’s club.

Lindsay describes where she is as she figures out how to edit her first book. She also describes how she will start using a physical storyboard and Shawn Coyne’s story grid process to make her story better.

It’s a longer version of the New Author Podcast this week but that’s what happens when we skip a week!

Here’s a selfie of Jerry with the guy at the hotel who made his life so much easier.
This guy made my life so much easier for three days

Here’s a link to Shawn Coyne’s Story Grid book that Lindsay talked about. Jerry uses this religiously and Lindsay is now diving in!

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