On this page, I’m going to document everything I do leading up to and what happens after that release. Keep coming back to this as I will continuously update it as I go. The dates below are just examples of the time between each release. I hope I can get to releasing sooner (but as I stated on the podcast, I always think I can get things done faster than I can…so we’ll see.

My Going Wide Strategy

July 9nd, 2019: Publish Book 1, make it 99 cents everywhere. Make sure to have a short story (Either Peter’s origin story or Harlow and the Boys…time to do both?) ready to be advertised in the back of the book as a reader magnet to sign up for the mailing list.

NOTE: I like the idea of having this published before 20 Books in Scotland.

Month of July: Use my social media and free/paid email sites to try to get as many sales/downloads as possible. The key here is list building and reviews, not so much income.

Summer 2019: Dictate Book 4 on drive home from work each day until it’s finished. Put it aside.

At some point when it feels right: Set Book 1 to free everywhere. Again, income doesn’t matter here. Getting the book out there, getting mailing list sign ups and reviews is what matters. After that use the link below to do more email advertising.

Kindlepreneur list:

July through October 2019: Revise Book 2 and get it ready to publish.

November 5th, 2019: Publish Book 2 at 99 cents.

NOTE: I like the idea of having this published before 20 Books Vegas.

November 5th, 2019: Email the Mailing List.

November 5th, 2019: Run email marketing against Book 1.

November 5th, 2019: Change the back matter for Book 1 to offer Book 2 for free for the mailing list.

December 3rd, 2019: Raise Book 2 to $3.99 (or $4.99?)

NOTE: Need to do a little research on running ads and releasing in December before Christmas

December through March 2020: Edit Book 3

April 4th, 2020:: Publish Book 3